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A few years ago on a hot summer night I was inspired to make Epicurious’ Moroccan Chicken with Olives and Preserved Lemon. It’s a delicious dish and the preserved lemon, something I’d never tried before, was particularly good. I was reminded of the dish last week when the recipe for preserved lemon appeared on The Splendid Table. It was pouring down rain the day I visited Penzeys to purchase the juniper berries and the grey sea salt; a perfect day to dream of bright yellow lemons. After researching a number of different recipes, this combo felt right.

Preserved Lemons

6 Meyer lemons
6+ TBSP sea salt
6 juniper berries
juice from two lemons

Scrub lemons clean

P1150734Quarter lengthwise leaving the end in tact
P1150736Stuff with a tablespoon of salt
P1150735Place in clean mason jar pressing down so the lemons release their juice and cover with juice from additional lemons
P1150737Add juniper berries

Now here comes the hard part. Place in a warm spot and wait for four weeks. Visit daily and give them a good shake.

Today the sun is shining bright, a reminder of the yellow summery goodness that awaits.