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Friend Melissa gifted me her farm share as she’s headed for a well deserved tropical vaca. Much to my delight, most of it was beets. Two huge bunches. But I am just one person and headed off to my own week of rest, rejuvenation and rowdiness with my daughter in NYC (more about that later).

The Plan? A Thomas Keller inspired recipe involving beets four (? I may have lost count) ways and goat cheese. The sound track from Amelie goes quite nicely with this prep work as beets and goat cheese seem très français pour moi.

One bunch of beets on a black walnut board created by my brother, Michael. [I think he could sell these beauties for mucho dinero – what do you think?]

Step One: Beet Juice Sans Juicer.

1) Don apron and rubber gloves.
2) Move anything in the vicinity that could be subject to splatter.
3) Prepare a work surface with grater, knife and waxed paper.
P11500844) Wash the beets and, using the edge of your knife, remove roots and leaves. Leave a few inches of stem to hold onto when grating.
P11500865) Place grated beets into a blender with a 1/4 cup of water (add a bit more if the blender freaks).
P11500896) Process on liquefy until, well, processed to bits. Then place on cheesecloth laid over a small bowl or measuring cup.
P11500907) Squeeeeze all liquid out of the beets.
P11500928) This bunch of beets yielded 3/4 cups beet juice and made my kitchen look like a crime scene.
P1150094Enjoy on its own, mix with other juices to make a healthy, tree-hugging concoction or chase someone who’s allergic to beets around the room with the juice, just for kicks and giggles. Stay tuned for other beety uses!