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Ever since I returned from central Mexico in March, I haven’t been able to eat enough tacos. There the tacos were so marvelously simple and delicious. Each was served on hand pressed corn tortillas cooked up on large round free-standing griddles and filled with meats, veggies, salsas and cheese. These tortillas are surprisingly easy to make at home and the filling options are endless.

Tonight it’s a lovely warm Friday evening and dinner is al fresco on the front terrace. Nothing fancy; just a few things thrown together for a quick meal of…yeah, tacos. Trader Joe’s jumbo shrimp, some black beans, lettuce, and tomato, serrano chili and Queso Fresco from the local Mexican grocery.

My cousin Sally sent me a care package after the holidays and tonight was the first time I used the Urfa Crushed Chilis to crust the shrimp. These chilis are an almost-black deep shade of brown and looked quite amazing on the shrimp sizzling in my skillet.

How very appropriate that just as the heat from the chilis set off fireworks in my mouth,  a fireworks display began at Great American Ballpark (celebrating a Cincinnati Reds victory perhaps?). I’m not quite sure if it was the urfa chilis, the serrano chilis or the combination of the two that set my house on fire, but it’s a combination that may even be hot enough for Melissa.