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I recently got a call from my daughter asking me how to make egg cake. Egg cake? I think she may be carrying on the Scoopism tradition (how I love that!); our new name for a frittata is now egg cake.

One morning after Christmas, trying to use up all the leftover homemade ricotta, I decided to make the fam an, okay – here goes – egg cake. Eggs whipped up with ricotta and parmesan and stuffed with asparagus and shallot.

Having made even more ricotta after arriving back home (fresh cheese junkie?), it was time to make another egg cake. This time, I thought a bit of charred yellow pepper, charred poblano, caramelized shallot, green onion and a sprinkling of red chili flakes would make an egg cake with kick.

From Scoopism to Macism. Carry on!