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This story actually begins with a black truffle. Nestled in a bed of rice in the produce section of Dorothy Lane Market, this tiny package presented many possibilities. So many, in fact, I pondered all week about the best and highest use. Would I try to replicate the pasta with truffle dish my sister enjoyed on our Tuscan vacation last summer (a huge plate of fresh pasta covered with shaved truffle [tartufo] for just seven Euro)? Would it be an attempt to make truffle honey (first purchased at the fortress in Montalcino), a best friend for certain hard cheeses? In the end, it was the combination of egg and truffle that appealed.

The Plan
Fresh agnolotti (largish ravioli, really) with egg and cheese.  Make fresh pasta. Check. Make fresh ricotta. Check. Layout 4 inch squares of pasta, add a heaping tablespoon of homemade lemony ricotta (with zest, parm and parsley blended in), and make a well in each.

As odd as it may seem, carefully add an egg yolk into each center.  Medium eggs work nicely for this dish. Don’t they look so happy and sunny?
Dip a finger or a small brush into the egg white and brush onto the pasta around the ricotta. This will act as the glue that will attach the top layer of pasta and keep the filling from seeping out, so be sure to get complete coverage. Place a square of pasta on top and gently press down around all edges trying to get out as much air as possible around the filling.
Drop into boiling, salted water and cook for three to three and a half minutes. Meanwhile, melt butter in a small saucepan.

Remove cooked pasta from the pot and gently toss in the butter. One is nice for breakfast; two is plenty for dinner. Add grated parmesan and chopped parsley to finish. Had I not waited so long to decide what to do with my truffle, I would have added some thin slices at this point. Sadly, the truffle had become moisture logged and quite unappealing. Lesson learned!
 But a drizzle of truffle oil added that wonderful earthy flavor. Enjoy the eggy goodness sopping up the runny yolk with a nice piece of crusty toast like ciabatta and do your best to keep egg off your face.