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Never been a big fan of Campari, the bitter Italian aperitif usually served with soda (they do have a cool website), but I am a huge fan of campari tomatoes “the tomato lover’s tomato” (that’s from their website).

I’ve been eating these beauties all winter. Sized between a cherry tomato and a standard garden tomato, the campari’s come on the vine, have a beautiful rich red color and are juicy and delicious. I’ve yet to come across one that was less than perfect.

My favorite preparation is simple.

campari tomato(s)
fresh basil
fresh feta (goat or sheep’s milk)
sea salt
cracked black pepper
good balsamic vinegar
good olive oil (optional)

Cut each tomato in quarters, but not all the way through. Spread the quarters apart leaving just the bottom bit attached. Top with shredded radicchio, plenty of torn basil and a drizzle the balsamic (add the oil now if using. Good thick balsamic doesn’t really need the addition of oil). Sprinkle with crumbled feta, good sea salt (pictured is a black sea salt) and cracked pepper. Prepare to become addicted.