It was a grand day when I first met Kelly MacEachen Trush. We talked food for a solid hour and when we parted, I had an invitation to the next Cooking With Cailtin event – Third Thursday. Kelly is the oldest sister of Chef Caitlin MacEachen Steininger, and her first and most fervid taste-tester, and business supporter.

Third Thursday is a two-hour event which was held during the summer months at the spectacular rooftop pool deck and terrace of The Gramercy on Garfield and has since moved indoors to The Lofts at Shillito Place. (Shameless plug – my employer, Towne Properties, owns both of these downtown Cincinnati properties.)

Anyway, for $25 you can partake in nine tastes of whatever Caitlin’s theme-du-mois may be (six savory, three sweet) with wine included. Always a fun time; always delicious. The entire MacEachen clan is always in attendance and are an absolutely delightful lot. I’d try to push for adoption, but I actually like my family (except for my brother who has no appreciation whatsoever of my method of selecting wines by cuteness of name and label).

Caitlin’s inspiration this month was TV Dinners. Much to my surprise there was no corn, but her spin on TV Dinner classics made for significantly better eats than any boxed meal from the grocer’s freezer.

Mini Butternut Squash Quiche

Fish Stick with Dilled Tartar Sauce

On a Bagel with Butter Tomato Sauce, Homemade Ricotta and fresh Basil

Chicken Pot Pie

Salisbury Steak
Tender Beef on a Rye Roll with Mashed Potatoes and Truffled Gravy

Turkey with Dressing

Hot Pocket filled with Mixed Berries, Red Wine and Rosemary

“Raw” Brownie Dough with Choice of Topping

Apple Pie
Spicy Apples in a Cinnamon Pinzelle

These photos, taken with my cell, do not do Caitlin’s food justice. Why not attend the next Third Thursday and enjoy Caitlin’s chow first hand? Beats eating a Lean Cuisine while watching Real Housewives by a long shot (not that I’d know anything about that).