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My mom passed along these thoughts from her father as relates to cleaning: don’t worry too much about the dust bunnies because no matter how many times you rid your home of them, they will return again and again and again; but always clean for company. That’s a philosophy that suits me just fine. I do like things tidy, but I don’t mind waiting until the dust bunnies become full-grown rabbits to evict. Yesterday was eviction day. It’s been a busy summer with precious little time for mundane tasks like dusting, but by yesterday I’d had enough. So in whirling dervish mode, my day of super-cleaning began. By about 2:00pm with only a cup of tea for breakfast, I was famished. Mine is a daily marketing household, so it really was no surprise to discover that, as usual, there was precious little in the fridge or pantry.

I did have a store-bought pizza crust (I am not quite sure why), some left over fresh mozzarella (from my caprese salad) and can of Trader Joe’s Diced and Fire Roasted Tomatoes (with green chiles), so set out to make a little pizza.

Worried that there was too much liquid in the tomatoes, and that the chunks would be too chunky, I warmed them in a saucepan over medium heat while the oven heated. This resulted in a nice, thick sauce.

Topped with the mozzarella, my little pie baked for about 13 minutes. Just for fun, I added some fresh arugula, freshly grated Parmesan and some red chili flakes for a bit of extra heat. The result was one sassy Margherita! Energy restored, Margherita and I finished the house just in time for a nice long hot shower followed by a Thai carry-out dinner.

Note to self: next time put the pizza stone in the oven at the onset! Duh.