I was thinking something warm, comforting and homemade on this unseasonably cool, misty night, but dinner out was the easy choice.  Headed to Savona, a local spot we’d frequented in the past (but not lately, mostly due to some nasty road construction). Now I am a fish person, and almost always order ‘pesce’ when dining out. Tonight was no exception. When asked what the fish special was for this evening, our server simply replied, “snapper”.

Hmmm, that leaves a lot to the imagination. When prompted a bit, she said the fish was fried (?) and served with green beans, lentils and a couscous salad.  Reel me in, if just out of curiosity. The snapper was surprisingly good despite the misrepresentation.

I’ve never had breaded and fried snapper before. The fish was tender (a word that inexplicably repulses my daughter); the cornmeal crust was light and crispy and nicely complemented by the garlic butter (although the butter ‘pat’ was huge [see yellow blob on the left], and not visually appealing at all. My heart was whispering, “Just kill me now!”). Still, the fish was moist beneath the crisp coating and the couscous/lentil/green bean accompaniment provided a nice flavor and texture contrast to the fish (although it was under seasoned and clearly not a salad). The portion was a bit too generous for my taste, but my dining companion will enjoy the extra filet as a lunch sandwich (on toasted ciabatta) tomorrow.